All-Season Tires vs Summer Tires

All-Season Tires vs Summer Tires | Apple Valley Road Runner CareDepending on your location, you may be ready to change from all-season tires to summer tires. Because of California’s climate, auto owners in the state may never need to use all-season tires. Summer tires, also known as performance tires, are preferable in areas that don’t experience harsh winters. With a tread compound that combines rubber and fillers containing sticky additives, performance tires effectively grip wet pavement and are stiff enough to hold up in warm weather.

Compared with all-season tires, performance tires are better designed for precise handling around corners and fast acceleration and braking. If you travel in high altitudes, go with all-season or preferably, winter, tires during the colder months. All in all, because they’re less likely to hydroplane on the highway, performance tires are better suited for warmer climates where rain, not ice or snow, is more common.

The Importance of Tire Maintenance

No matter what type of tires you use, they’ll eventually wear. With 30 years of experience in the business, we at Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley, California, can help you whenever you experience a problem with your tires.

Needless to say, worn treads can compromise the safety of you and your passengers. Inadequate grip can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, especially when the road surface is wet or covered with ice or snow. If you’re not sure your tires need replacing, our certified mechanics at Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley, California, can check them for you.

Several factors can cause tire tread wear. One of the most common is improper inflation pressure. Properly-inflated tires help to maximize acceleration, braking, and distribution of vehicle load. It’s a good idea to check the pressure of your tires, including that of the spare, monthly. If you feel unsure about doing this yourself, just bring your vehicle to Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley, California, and our mechanics will be happy to check the tire pressure for you.

Another cause of tread wear is improper tire alignment. Tire alignment is not an actual adjustment of the tires themselves but an adjustment of the vehicle’s steering and suspension components. Conditions that can result from out-of-spec tire alignment include heel/toe wear, feather edge wear, and one-sided shoulder wear. If you notice any of these conditions, bring your car to Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley, California, where our trained technicians will thoroughly check its alignment.