The Importance of Using the Right Oil and Filter

The Importance of Using the Right Oil and Filter | Apple Valley Road Runner CareWhen it comes to automotive maintenance in Apple Valley, California, changing your oil and filter are of paramount importance. However, when you are tempted to take your auto to the closest quick lube shop around the corner, you can throw away years of perfect maintenance overnight. It only takes one clogged filter or some low-quality oil to put a lot of heat stress on your engine. And if the stress is serious enough, this can burn out the bearings and cause the engine to seize up and stop altogether. The difference between high-quality oil changes and economy services in Apple Valley, California, can mean the difference between a vehicle that breaks down overnight and one that lasts for one million miles.

What is Motor Oil Made From?

The modern lubricants that are on the market today are mostly synthetics or conventional oils with synthetic additives. The average motor oil formula is made up of more than 20 percent additives that play a critical role in how the motor oil functions. These additives change the pH balance of the oil into an alkaline solution that neutralizes the acids left over from combustion. They also include pour enhancers that make it easy to fill up the engine in cooler temperatures.

In addition to all these additives, you will find elements like graphite and molybdenum added to function as lubricants when traditional lubrication fails under heavy duty cycles. There are also additives to reduce the oil consumption that occurs when oil is overheated. Synthetic oil is very clean and pure. While it may have a tendency to leak more from your Apple Valley, California, engine seals, it is broken down into a homogeneous solution that is free of the paraffin waxes that sludge up engines and create hotspots.

What is the Advantage of a Quality Oil Filter?

A high-quality Apple Valley, California, oil filter will have a bypass valve that allows the oil to flow into the engine even in that rare event that the paper substrate has clogged. When you invest in a high-quality filter with a bypass valve in Apple Valley, California, you are ensuring that your vehicle does not burn out its bearings or experience low-pressure problems. However, a bypass valve should be a final failsafe. Bypassing the filter will allow particles to enter the engine that can act like sandpaper on delicate surfaces by eroding and wearing down parts prematurely.

A high-quality filter will also be appropriately sized. A replacement filter that is smaller than the original factory size can clog up easier and reduce the effectiveness of oil cooling. These filters are more of a liability than they are worth in savings. Let Road Runner Auto Care save you the grief of substandard oil changes.