The Power of Braking

The Power of Braking | Apple Valley Road Runner Auto CareRoad Runner Auto Care is your source for superior brake maintenance in Apple Valley, California. Brakes are one of the most critical components of your vehicle. The difference between good brakes and bad brakes is a matter of life or death. Most collisions can be avoided if the drivers have solid brakes that stop them on a dime. Nevertheless, many drivers fail to keep up brake maintenance.

Common Brake Issues

Spongy Brakes

One of the most common brake issues is a spongy brake pedal. This happens when the master cylinder seals start to wear and when air and moisture creep into the hydraulic lines. The brake fluid is highly hygroscopic (water absorbent) and will even suck in water vapor from the atmosphere. This occurs any time that you open the cap on the master cylinder or over time as moisture seeps into the micropores of the system.

Depending on the mileage of your vehicle and age, it may need a new master cylinder and a brake fluid flush to regain optimal pedal-feel. In addition, it may need new rubber brake lines if the old lines are starting to turn hard. Your brakes need to be firm but must also exhibit gradients of pressure when the high-tension rubber hoses flex under pressure.

Warped Rotors

Another common issue that we see at Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley, California, is warped rotors. When the rotors are warped, the car will physically shake under high-speed braking maneuvers. The effectiveness of braking is greatly diminished. And vehicles can become unsafe when driven on the highways. 

Warped rotors are commonly the result of taking your vehicle to somewhere else in Apple Valley where they overtighten lug nuts. The technicians at Road Runner Auto Care always check the exact factory torque specs and ensure that lug nuts are tightened at these pressures whenever we remove the tires.


Another problem that we see at Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley, California, is leaks in the system. It takes just a small leak to eat away at the paint and start corrosion. A serious leak can disable the brake system entirely or weaken it to the point of only slowing the vehicle down under hard braking but never bringing it to a complete stop. Even a little pressure in the brake calipers will reduce the speed of a vehicle. Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley, California, ensure that your pads are properly bedded to brake on a dime and that your system is free of leaks.