Winter Puts Extra Strain on Vehicles

Winter Puts Extra Strain on Vehicles | Apple Valley Road Runner CareAs the winter season approaches, the cold temperatures can put a strain on your vehicle. From the tires to the fluids that keep your motor running properly, there are several things that you should check before heading out on the road during the winter months. One of the first things that you should consider doing is getting an oil change so that a lighter weight can be used. A lighter weight will allow the oil to flow a bit easier through the motor compared to a heavier weight being used during the summer months. A technician at Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley can change your oil and examine the other fluids in your car as well.

Maintenance Checks to Prepare for Cold Weather

Your wiper blades should also be examined before the winter months arrive. Make sure you have a sturdy blade on your vehicle to combat the ice and snow that could fall in the winter. You should also consider adding a de-icing solution to your washer fluid. Technicians at Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley can fill your washer fluid and change your wiper blades so that you can safely see the road in front of you while driving.

Check the antifreeze in your vehicle to ensure that it’s full. This will keep all of the components with your motor and radiator from freezing in cold temperatures. Avoid putting water in your coolant tank or in your radiator because it can freeze. Make sure the heater in your vehicle is functioning as it should so that you and your family will stay warm. Pay attention to any odd smells inside your vehicle, such as antifreeze, as this could indicate that there is a leak. Technicians at Road Runner Auto Care can fill all of the necessary fluids and check to see if there are any leaks if you aren’t sure where to look.