Things You Should Keep in Your Vehicle as Winter Comes

Things You Should Keep in Your Vehicle as Winter Comes | Road RunnerThere are a few things that you’ll notice about how your vehicle operates in the winter than how it operates in the summer. Colder weather can sometimes put a strain on some components of your vehicle, such as your battery and the alternator. If you’re prepared ahead of time, then you can prevent a few common issues that arise during this time of the year.

Problems to Watch Out For in Winter

Cold air often reduces that amount of air pressure in your tires. Before getting on the road, you should check your tire pressure to ensure that it’s at the proper level in each tire of your car. This is also a good time to check the tread on your tires and to change them out to snow tires if you live in an area that sees a significant amount of snow. Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley can put snow tires on your vehicle and check to see that these important parts are in proper working condition.

Create an emergency kit to keep in your car in case you’re stranded on the side of the road. This kit should have a blanket, flashlight, and warm clothes in case you have to wait for a long time for help to arrive. Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley can check the fluid levels in your vehicle, especially your antifreeze. This is an important fluid because it keeps the lines in your vehicle from freezing in cold temperatures.

Consider changing the windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle so that it has the proper formula for snow and ice that builds on your windshield in the winter. Another important task to complete before the winter months arrive is changing your oil to a lower viscosity. Heavier weights should be used in the summer because hotter temperatures thin out your oil compared to lighter weights in the winter so that they can easily flow through your motor.