Why Does My A/C System Blow Warm Air at Idle?

Why Does My A/C System Blow Warm Air at Idle? | Road Runner Auto CareThe hot summer weather seems to become more intense every year in Apple Valley, California. This equates to longer hours in hot vehicles, some of which do not cool effectively if at all. Although rolling your window down can alleviate the choking congestion of a steaming hot automobile, only quality automotive air conditioning can make you comfortable.

What Are the Parts and Functions of an Automotive A/C System?

If you are driving your car in Apple Valley, California, you may have noticed that the effectiveness of your A/C system is diminished when you are stuck in traffic jams. This is because the refrigerant works more effectively at dissipating the heat when the condenser is being cooled by fast-moving airflow. The condenser is a type of heat exchanger similar to your engine radiator. It is often mounted in front of your engine radiator for maximum cooling.

The condenser is able to dissipate heat into the atmosphere because it increases the surface area of the refrigerant that is being circulated. The refrigerant transfers the heat that it absorbs in the interior and then distributes it through this intricate structure of finely finned tubing. The numerous fine fins amplify the potential for the heat to be transferred away into the atmosphere. Driving at highway speeds in the Apple Valley, California, region will whisk away the heat as it builds up.

The refrigerant in your A/C system is called R-134a. This gas is circulated by a compressor pump through high-pressure hoses into the condenser. Once it reaches the condenser, the gas condenses and forms a liquid. This liquid is then sprayed at high pressures through a nozzle called an expansion valve or orifice tube. It is sprayed into a metal box called an evaporator that acts as another type of heat exchanger.

The Physics Behind Air Conditioning

When any compressed and liquefied gas is sprayed at high pressures, it will atomize and cool down rapidly. This is part of the refrigeration effect that cools the interior ventilation system. A fan in your dashboard blows air over the evaporator surface and into your Apple Valley, California, car.

The gas is then recirculated by the compressor back into the condenser to start the process all over again. Your A/C system is able to run more effectively when the condenser is cooled down at highway speeds. The ventilation fan helps and often turns on when you are sitting at idle for this reason.

Your automotive A/C system also conditions the air. This means that it will remove the humidity and make the interior more comfortable. Because it removes humidity from the air, it equipped with drain hoses that are usually located underneath the vehicle near the front passenger’s side. These drains can clog and flood water onto your floor.

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