Understanding the Maintenance Schedule for Your Vehicle

Understanding the Maintenance Schedule for Your Vehicle | Apple Valley Auto CareWhen you own a car, you have to perform the routine maintenance so that it will operate for a long period of time as your vehicle is likely one of your most expensive investments. Most repair businesses, such as Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley, offer recommendations on how often certain maintenance practices should be performed. An oil change should be done around 3,000 miles, and your tires should be rotated about every 5,000 miles.

If you pay attention to your owner’s manual, then you’ll likely see a list of things that you need to do and when they need to be done so that you can easily keep track of the services that are completed. Companies like Road Runner Auto Care will usually put a sticker on the car somewhere after an oil change so that you know when the next change needs to be done. They will usually reset the mileage as well so that you can see how many miles you have gone since your last oil change. Sometimes, the tires are marked to better help you know when the tread starts to go down.

Knowing the Signs when Your Car Needs Maintenance

You need to know how to do a basic inspection of the vehicle before going to an auto repair company like Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley. Look over the tires, check the air pressure, and pay attention to any odd noises or leaks. Check the coolant level as well as the brake fluid and the transmission fluid. Look over your serpentine belt as this should be replaced at least once every 60,000 miles or so even if there isn’t any wear and tear that is seen. Your battery is another component of the vehicle that you want to get changed on a regular basis. Road Runner Auto Care and other mechanics can change your battery about every two or three years as this is usually the average life span.