Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips | Apple Valley Road Runner Auto CareWarmer months are ahead in Apple Valley, California. While you are stuck at home during the pandemic, what better to do than engage in spring maintenance on your vehicle. Thankfully, Road Runner Auto Care is here to help with any repairs needed. Continue reading below to learn more about maintenance tips.

  1. Wash the Exterior

There is sure to be debris on your vehicle from the colder months in Apple Valley, especially among the bottom and on the tires. With this in mind, be sure to give your vehicle a good exterior cleaning for the warmer months. Apply wax as well to make it shine.

  1. Clean the Interior

You are sure to have tracked mud and other debris into the interior of the vehicle as well. Throw away any trash in the vehicle. Wipe down surfaces as well with disinfectants and other cleaners to prevent illnesses and keep it clean.

  1. Check Tire Pressure

Be sure to check the tire pressure on all four of your tires. If you notice a leak or thinning tread, look to Road Runner Auto Care for repair. Add air to any tires that are low on tire pressure as well.

  1. Replace Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are sure to have been utilized during the colder months in Apple Valley, California. If you notice that your wipers are starting to squeak, it is probably time to replace them. Car repair shops can supply you with new wiper blades you need.

  1. Check the Engine

Look under the hood to make sure the engine is working. Look for tears in belts and hoses, especially if your vehicle begins to overheat. Make sure all of your fluids are stocked and clean, including coolant, oil, transmission fluid, and steering fluid. Head to Road Runner Auto Care for specific checks and repair to any damaged parts.

  1. Check the Suspension

If you suspect that your car’s tire alignment and suspension are messed up, talk to the mechanic about this as well. If you drive in an area in Apply Valley that is prone to potholes or uneven roads, this is probably good to check. An uneven alignment or damaged suspension can cause unnecessary wear to your tires and wheels, as well as your vehicle’s body and safety.

Final Thoughts

Spring is a great time to perform maintenance on your vehicle, especially during this pandemic. If you are in need of repair or auto care, contact Road Runner Auto Care in Apple Valley, California. All of your needs are able to be handled at this auto repair shop.