Signs Your Engine Is Going Bad

The Top Things That You Can Do to Care for Your Brakes | Road Runner Auto Care
The Top Things That You Can Do to Care for Your Brakes
May 14, 2021

Signs Your Engine Is Going Bad

Signs Your Engine Is Going Bad | Road Runner Auto Care

Signs Your Engine Is Going Bad | Road Runner Auto CareIf your car is not working right, then it can be difficult for you to know what is causing the issue. In many cases, your car isn’t acting right because there is something wrong with the engine. There are several things that can cause engine issues.

The Check Engine Light Is Lit Up

The check engine light is something that many people ignore. However, you should always investigate what is causing the check engine light to light up. You should take your car to a mechanic to determine the cause.

Strange Noises

Your engine may make a lot of noise if it is not working the right way. The type of noise that your engine is making can tell you what the problem is. For example, if you hear a knocking noise, then you may have worn out rod bearings. If there is a problem with the belt, then you may notice a squealing noise.

Odd Odors

If there is an odd odor coming from your car, then it may be caused by your engine. It may be caused by the exhaust.

There Is Excessive Smoke

You should not have excessive smoke coming from the tailpipe. If the smoke is blue, then you may need to have engine oil added. White smoke may be caused by antifreeze or condensation. Black smoke can be caused by a damaged air filter.

The Engine Is Stalling

Your engine is more likely to stall if you have automatic transmission. However, regardless of whether your transmission is automatic or manual, it should not be stalling. This is often caused by a spark problem. It may also be caused by a fuel and air mixture.

In many cases, all your vehicle needs is a tune-up. However, a professional will need to be checked by a professional.