Signs That Your Car Needs Servicing

Signs That Your Car Needs Servicing | Apple Valley Road Runner CareThere are quirks you can ignore while driving while there are others that are obvious signs that your car needs immediate attention. The car should be serviced regularly depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines. There are some warning signs that you should never ignore when it comes to your car.

Engine Warning Light

This is an obvious sign that some people think will miraculously go away. Most modern cars will use the engine warning light whenever there is a problem. The yellow engine light on the dashboard is a sign that your car needs to be looked at immediately. The issue could be a range of engine problems which can’t be detected with a simple diagnosis. Some cars also come with a service indicator which will warn you when the next service is due.

Strange Noises

You might experience some weird noises coming from the car which were not there before. The noises if left unchecked could lead to more serious problems. Some of the noises include:

Uneven engine noise: You’re likely to hear the noise when the car is idling.  The issue could be a misfiring engine which will need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Unusual exhaust noise: There could be a hole or a crack in the exhaust. This is usually an easy fix but shouldn’t be ignored because there is the risk of the exhaust falling off.

Smoke coming out of the bonnet

The problem is usually caused by overheating or when there is an issue with the radiator. There is no immediate danger if it is steam that is coming from under the hood. That doesn’t mean that you should get your car checked. Make sure you’re also checking the car temperature gauge. You should pull over and wait for it cool if the gauge is at maximum. Blue smoke is a bad sign as it is caused by burning oil.

Reduce Comfort

You’re likely to experience reduced comfort especially if you’ve been driving the car for a long time. The speed bumps become a nuisance and you can hear the tires scrapping on wheel arc of the car. The issue could also be with the suspension when it comes to the quality of the ride.

These are just some of the signs that your car needs a service. Make sure you’re following the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to servicing and maintenance.