Is Your Car’s Air Conditioning Ready for Summer?

Is Your Car’s Air Conditioning Ready for Summer? | Road Runner Auto CareThe last thing anyone wants to experience is warm air blowing out of their air conditioner when the sun is beating down, and temperatures are rising. California is known for its hot weather, so it’s critical to ensure your car’s air conditioning is ready to stand up to these situations. Your best recourse is visiting a repair shop, like Victorville Car Air Conditioning, if your system isn’t functioning correctly or not working at all. 

Fan Isn’t Working

In most modern day cars, you’ll find a multi-speed fan. When you make a setting selection, air will push through the ductwork and ventilation system in your vehicle. A small computer module controls the various speeds or, under some circumstances, it’s a set of resistors. Certain speeds can become eliminated if these modules or resistors get too hot. The main reason is that the heat will burn them out, which causes the fan to stick on a particular speed or not work at all. However, this isn’t the only reason your fan may be failing. Mechanics at Victorville Car Air Conditioning can help diagnose the problem.

Malfunctioning Blend Air Door

The blend air door is responsible for switching your system from the heater to air conditioning. When this door malfunctions or is stuck, you’re going to keep feeling a continuous hot air blast from the engine. It doesn’t matter if you’re turning on your air conditioner because the door is stuck open. A professional mechanic from Victorville Car Air Conditioning can help with this kind of repair.

Refrigerant is Leaking

One of the most common reasons your vehicle’s air conditioning will need repairs is due to leaks in its refrigeration. The elimination occurs thanks to the air conditioner’s refrigerant. If you see that levels are low, this is not due to dissipation. It’s because there’s a leak somewhere. Leaks occurring slowly are difficult to notice. However, if you’re experiencing a significant one, you’ll notice your system blowing warm air. A professional from Victorville Car Air Conditioning can help you diagnose and repair this issue.

Make Sure Your Car is Ready

You can help make sure your car is ready for California’s summer heat by servicing it at least once annually. In doing so, Victorville Car Air Conditioning technicians can inspect air conditioning components, cooling fan operation, the cabin air filter, and check the system pressure. They’ll also check the performance of your air conditioner to see if it needs recharging or repairs.