Checking Your Victorville Fuel Delivery System for Leaks

Checking Your Victorville Fuel Delivery System for Leaks | Road Runner Auto CareAt Road Runner Auto Care, we are always performing preventative maintenance on vehicles. Preventative maintenance is the way that we save you from major repair bills. Any time that you come into our shop for service, we perform a courtesy inspection to check for leaks and other problems. Although it pays to have a more thorough inspection annually or whenever you experience operational problems, we can often spot issues developing before they lead to catastrophic failures. If you live in Victorville, trust us to check your fuel system for leaks with every service.

Inspection of the Fuel Delivery System

Your vehicle needs three key things to run: spark, fuel, and compression. If any one of these is not working at adequate levels, you will not have combustion and a running motor. Nevertheless, not every failure is complete. That are times when the vehicle will intermittently experience a loss or diminishment of these three key factors. When that happens, the vehicle may experience running problems that come and go.

You can experience many issues, such as misfires, leaky injectors, and stumbling. Misfires often occur because plugs are fouled, ignition coils are bad, or the ignition timing is incorrect, for any reason. The engine will stumble and lose power if the compression is lacking. This is often caused by a slipped timing belt but can also occur when the variable cam timing is off.

Most fuel system leaks occur without the owners knowing it. The fuel may leak out of the injectors and into the engine at night. This can happen if the valves inside the injectors get stuck open from varnish and gumming. The valves stick because the gasoline contains impurities that will eventually build up and affect performance.

The other types of leaks are more dangerous. If your fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel filter, or the filler neck on your fuel tank are leaking, this can create a fire hazard. You may notice the odor of gasoline when you start your vehicle in the morning if it is leaking fuel. Spotting these kinds of leaks before they start a fire is critical. If you suspect that your Victorville automobile is leaking fuel, do not hesitate to call Road Runner Auto Care.

Road Runner Auto Care is the shop that Victorville drivers turn to when they suspect that there are any subtle problems. We often find that Victorville drivers have rusted or loose connections behind these fuel leaks and can save them from the inevitability of their car going up in smoke.