Check Up on How Well Your Car Survived the Winter

Check Up on How Well Your Car Survived the Winter | Road Runner Auto MaintenanceCaring for your car in the winter is a bit different than caring for it in the summer. There are differences in the types of fluids that you should use as well as different types of maintenance for the tires. A Road Runner Auto Care mechanic can assist you in making sure your vehicle is ready for winter before getting on the road.

Checking for Physical Damage

You might notice an abundance of leaves on your car after they have fallen off the trees. If you leave the debris on your vehicle for a long time, it can begin to scratch your car. Sometimes, the debris can begin to cause the paint to fade. Take the time to remove leaves and twigs at least once a week until they are all off the car.

If you live in an area that sees a large amount of snow, then consider putting snow tires on your car. Road Runner Auto Care mechanics can put the proper tires on or put chains on your car if you plan on driving in the snow. You also need to maintain the air pressure because the cold air in the winter can cause the pressure to decrease compared to warmer air expanding the tires.

Making Sure Your Vehicle is Well Prepared

You might not think about checking the wiper blades in the winter, but they should be a bit thicker to handle any snow during the season. You should also put blades on that don’t have a spring. The spring can sometimes freeze up easier when it’s cold, which means that you won’t be able to use the wipers until they thaw.

Make sure your battery and alternator are charged. Your battery is a part that might need to be changed if the winter weather is at freezing or below for an extended time as it will use more power to start the car and to operate basic functions. Road Runner Auto Care can change your battery and check the other electrical components at the same time.